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Bogusław LUSTYK

Bogusław LUSTYK


"For me the horse is not only a pretty body... For me the horse is like a spirit, like God. Has many faces, many incarnations, many personifications..."
- Boguslaw Lustyk

"This creation is a product of a difficult alliance between hippology and art. The artist has managed to reconcile those so often antagonistic points of view. Irrespective of the degree of expression the horse's movements are always rendered faultlessly. Such an understanding of the animal can be achieved only by someone that has been familiar with the horse since childhood, that has spent a long time not only at the easel, but also in the saddle." - Stanistaw Ledochowski

"His art is a creation which, through his unique artistic expression, consciously strives to realize a chosen purpose. It is the struggle of two elements ... unrestrained creative energy and necessary control which combine in the creation of significant art. Lustyk's art is born from passion, but is also reflective - structured but ever evolving - humanistic but with an absence of rhetoric - both wise and sensitive and yet unrestrained. It is created to be seen." - William E. Cooke

"...my art comes from wonder at the variety of inspirations, the richness of impulses and associations; is the child of indefiniteness, has no relation to real events, though is born in them..."
Boguslaw Lustyk

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