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Bogusław LUSTYK


Lustyk’s Art
Boguslaw Lustyk’s paintings lead the viewer into his personal world. Emotions rule here, dictating both the structure of the creation and the experience of viewing it. The composition, dynamic structure, and poetry of the paintings blend to form an unique and personal language through which you see the soul of the artist.
Within the framework of these paintings are developed which, on different levels are both serendipitous and tightly focused on a central theme.
This multidimensional structure simultaneously delights, but also challenges the viewer to search for Lustyk’s underlying motivation.
His art is a creation which, through his unique artistic expression, consciously strives to realize a chosen purpose. It is the struggle of two elements- unrestrained creative energy and necessary control-which combine in the creation of significant art.
Lustyk’s art is born from  passion, but is also reflective-structured but ever evolving-humanistic but with an absence of rhetoric- both wise and sensitive and yet unrestrained. It is created to be seen.
by Bill Cooke
Director of the Kentucky Horse Park Museum

In Motion
Boguslaw creates images of horses along with modern dance. His bold work covers the complete spectrum of movement, including not only horses racing, but other equine disciplines as well. His images run the gamut from polo, to dressage, to those magnificently trained horses that perform under the big top. In his own words: There are many meanings to a horse. It is a symbol, a secret, a shiver of emotion, an extract of  beauty and elegance.
One rarely encounters an artist who can express himself with the passion and fire
that Boguslaw has exhibited. His works adorn famous walls. They are sometimes
larger than life, his talent soaring well beyond the usual. His apartment in
downtown Saratoga Springs, NY, is more a museum or gallery than studio.
by Lawrence David Klauzner

Boguslaw Lustyk’s mysteries
Lustyk has his own secrets. His painting pulsates, has a strange power in itself.
There is something dionysian and shamanic in his art, based perhaps on the disclosure of the unharnessed and violent nature of life, mysterious associations between nature and man.
Let us look at his famous horses. It appears that Lustyk’s hippomania has little in common with Polish and even Western tradition of “equine” painting. These horses, though they can evoke vivid emotions by the expressiveness of motion and shape,
are at the same time symbols of the artist’s language of painting, designate
the extract of a natural element.
The most interesting thing in Lustyk’s works is that one can feel the artist playing with painter’s shaping of forms, bringing the color out, transforming motifs and techniques.
And although this painting has a great force of influence, that it often speaks with excitement and pathos, but in a strange way it still remains a game.
It is hard to speak of figurativeness or abstraction in this artist’s creation. Lustyk abolishes this age-old division. Both these modes of artistic expression, permeate and abolish each other in his works. This is an extraordinary feature, also worth remembering.
by Andrzej Kruczynski
Director of the Theatre Museum in Warsaw

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