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Bogusław Lustyk (ur. /b. 1940)
Bogusław Lustyk (ur. /b.1940)
Jolanta Caban
Bogusław Lustyk (ur. /b.1940)
Eugeniusz Gerlach (ur./b. 1941)
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Roman Opałka in Stalowa Gallery in Warsaw

22:54 23/09/2014


STALOWA Gallery specialises in promoting young art, focusing mainly on paintings and Polish, Irish and Lithuanian artists. In addition to the main activity, every year, the gallery attempts to rediscover and present those phenomena and events in art that are recognised as particularly important and being still fairly unknown deserve to be popularised.

This year, we have prepared a unique offer: works of Roman Opałko – one of the most renowned 20th century Polish artists and world-acclaimed painter. He became famous as the author of the “numbered paintings,” that is the series entitled “Opałka 1965 /1 – ∞”. During the Sotheby’s auction in 2010, three of his works were sold for 713 250 GBP and it was the highest price paid for the work of art of the living Polish artist. Opałka died in August 2011.

During the exhibition prepared by STALOWA Gallery (official opening on 26 September, open till 31 October 2014) the viewers will have a chance to see the less known works: paintings, drawings, gouache, graphics, posters and photographs made in Warsaw before the artist left for France. Indeed, they are not part of the most important series „Opałka 1965 /1 – ∞,” yet, they are a very important and interesting introduction to the painter’s main work of art. Without them, “the numbered paintings” would fail to be understood.

The works presented are part of a vast private collection of Roman Opałka’s works that includes over 200 objects and belongs to STALOWA Gallery’s offer. Particularly valuable are the photographs documenting the process of creating the first “numbered paintings” in Warsaw, given by Roman to his brother Henryk before leaving for France.

In addition to the presentation of Opałko’s works, we will also feature a set of original, unique photograms made in the artist’s workshop and during the Venice Biennale by the outstanding American photographer – Czesław Czapliński.

Krzysztof Stanisławski
Artistic Director of STALOWA Gallery, Warsaw

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