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Jolanta Caban
Jolanta Caban
Bogusław Lustyk (ur. /b.1940)
Bogusław Lustyk (ur. /b.1940)
Bogusław Lustyk (ur. /b.1940)
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Krystyna Łyczywek


b. 1920


Born in Poznań, from 1945 lives in Szczecin. French philologist, translater of the french literature, artist photographer, journalist.
1953-1963 founder, vice chairman and chairman of Phot. Society of Szczecin
1963-1975 vice chairman of the Federation of Amateur Phot. Associations in Poland
1964 member of the Polish Artist Photographers Association
1970 – 2008 delegate of Poland for the Congresses of International Federation of Photography Art (FIAP), member of the commission for statutes , for jubilees, for the problems of jouth . Organizer of 5 symposiums devoted to the history of polish photography, 17 interdisciplinary dialogues, international seminars in Poland etc Member , chairman of jurys l32 times in Poland and other countries
l977- 2002 chairman of Union of Polish Art-Photographers in Szczecin

1948- 2009 participation in ca 150 collective exhibitions in Poland and in another countries (awards and distinctions)
1957- 2008 - ca l60 individual exhibitions in Poland, Finland, France, Greece, Holland, Japan Germany, Roumany, USA and Italy. The subject of her photography is the man ( f.i. “People in the street”, “Travels”, “Children in this world”, “Efficiennts in another way”) and the landscape ( f.i. “Fascinations of Szczecin”, China impressions”, “Sea landscapes”, “Marocco”
“Bretagne yesterday and now”, New York, Madrid, "In the streets of Paris" , "Le Paris Polonais", “Bordeaux yesterday and now”, “Szczecin and Paris differently”, “Private Diary 2004”, “One day in Warsaw”)
Over 1700 photos published in folders, books, albums,in the press and own books among others “From the drop of water to the ocean”, “Diaporama”, “Talks about photography” v.1, 2,3

about 1400 in the polish press and in foreign press ( bulgar, czech, french, dutch, spanish, german, swiss, hungarian, and italian). The works of Lyczywek are amongst others in the collections of the National Library in Paris, Ludwig Museum in Cologne, Museum of Photography in Krakow and in Bievres, National Museum of Wroclaw, Pomeranian Library in Szczecin and in private collections in Poland and abroad.

The name of Krystyna Lyczywek is in the ”The International Encyclopedia of Photography since 1839 to the present “ - ed. Auer-Auer in Switherland and in Polish Encyclopedia ed. Lucrum (Polish Photographers).

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