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New paintings

Jolanta Caban
Bogusław Lustyk (ur. /b.1940)
Bogusław Lustyk (ur. /b.1940)
Bogdan Lustyk (ur. /b. 1940)
Bogusław Lustyk (ur. /b.1940)
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Alicja Domańska


b. 1984

Painting, Sculpture, Graphics, Installations

Painter, sculpturer, interior designer. Diploma Master of Art graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. Livin and working in Sopot. She has had many individual exhibitions. Combines architecture with abstract paintings. Simple modern interiors she creates are compatible with the expressive painting. She gets the inspirations from the real life ,dreams, places, settin the drowsy tone to the canvas. Cooperates with the theater ,create spaces of experience, doing art photo sessions, fashion and design . She works with the musicians, always using sound as an integral part of the private view. Background art is life.

Bez tytułu / Untitled
Bez tytułu / Untitled
(bez tytułu)
Bez tytułu / Untitled

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