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Bogusław Lustyk (ur. /b. 1940)
Bogusław Lustyk (ur. /b.1940)
Bogusław Lustyk (ur. /b.1940)
Bogusław Lustyk (ur. /b.1940)
Jolanta Caban
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Mirosław Rogala


b. 1954

Painting, Graphics, Photography, Video Art, Installations, Multimedia

Miroslaw Rogala is an internationally-recognized interactive media artist known for creating complex and large-scale interactive mixed media, video, and multimedia artworks providing the (v)user – viewer-user- both linear and non-nonlinear experience with multiple levels of content. He describes the intent of his works growing from the individual’s responsibility for each experience to the social construction of the work by multiple (v)users – a more complex model of democratic artistic experience.

He is Chair and Professor of the Digital Art Department of KSI – Knowledge Systems Inc., located in Chicago, Illinois USA, and maintains his professional art studio.

His works are included in permanent collections of major institutions and have been exhibited in 44 countries to date, including, the Lyon Biennale, ZKM MultiMediale and Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe; Germany, Chelsea Museum, The Brooklyn Museum; New York, Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, Siemen’s Photography After Photography international traveling exhibition, V2/ Dutch Electronic Art Festival, National Art Museum of China, Beijing among others. The artist was honored by his native Poland with solo retrospective exhibitions in Warsaw, Krakow during 2000-2001. His most recent commissions include exhibitions in the USA, Holland, Germany, Poland, China and Taiwan.
Miroslaw Rogala has written and lectured globally in the areas of Interactive Public Art, artist/(v)user – viewer/user -participant relationships, and dynamic mapping. Grants and awards include NEA Fellowships, AFI/American Film Institute Los Angeles, and International Videokunst Award. He received his Ph. D. degree from CAiiA-STAR, University of Wales College in 2000, and MFA degrees from the School of the Art Institute (Chicago, 1983) and The Academy of Fine Arts (Krakow, 1979).

His major interactive media installations include: Divided We Stand, An Interactive Media Symphony in Six Movements (four movements commissioned and exhibited); Electronic Garden/ NatuRealization, Interactive Public Art Sound Installation; Lovers Leap, Interactive Installation; Nature Is Leaving Us, A Video Theatre Opera; Remote Faces: Outerpretation, Seven Channel Video Installation and Performance. Other works include 34 single channel videotapes, including the acclaimed Macbeth: The Witches Scenes; and Transformed Landscapes, an interactive digital photography projects and We Stand In Motion, Virtual Studio performance work.
Recent work-in-progress includes: Delete+Alt+Ctrl: An Interactive Media Opera in Eight Movements with and outdoor Large Scale Projections and Interactive Installation for National Museum of Fine Arts in Taichung, Taiwan (work-in- progress).

His works are known for large-scale complexity, realized as collaborative efforts with innovative artists and software/hardware developers worldwide including multimedia works with Merce Cunningham (dance), Carolee Schneemann (video installation), Shigeko Kubota (video performance) Byrne Piven and Michael Maggio (theatre), Ford Oxaal (MEV 360 degrees perspectival software), John Friedman, George Lellis (dynamic mapping), Dieter Froese (video installation), Ken Nordine (word jazz), Ed Paschke (painting, animation), Urszula Dudziak, Czeslaw Niemen, Bill Russo (recording artists), Studs Terkel (voice recordings),
Rafal Olbinski (visual artist), Michael Iber (pianist, composer) and others.

Critical reviews of Miroslaw Rogala interactive artwork as illustrative of new trends in technology-based media arts are in printed works and book publications (2000-2010) including: Robert Russett: "Hyperanimation: Digital Images and Virtual Worlds", John Libbey and Company; Art and Electronic Media by Edward Shanken, Phaidon Press, England; Frank Popper: "From Technological to Virtual Art", MIT Press. Slavko Kacunko: "Closed Circuit Installations", Germany. Mary Warner Marie: "Photography: A Cultural History", Routledge; “New Philosophy for New Media”, by Mark B. N. Hansen, The MIT Press, Cambridge and London; “Digital Currents: Art in the Electronic Age by Margot Lovejoy, Rutledge Press, London, England; “Information Arts: Intersections of Art, Science, and Technology” by Stephen Wilson, The MIT Press, Cambridge and London; Miroslaw Rogala: “Gestures of Freedom. Works 1975-2000”: Edited by Ryszard W. Kluszczynski. Exhibition Catalogue. Essays by Roy Ascott, Sean Cubitt, Elaine King, Miroslaw Rogala and Lynne Warren. Warsaw, Poland: Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw.
"Artintact 1- 5" DVD, produced by ZKM Karlsruhe/ The Center for Art and Media, in Karlsruhe, Germany (2002) contains the Rogala "Lovers Leap" CD-ROM Installation and accompanying analytical essay by Timothy Druckery (in a multi-year of a traveling exhibitions worldwide).

DVD “Ukryta Dekada. Polska sztuka wideo 85-95” (Hidden Decade. Polish Video Art’ 85-95) contains the Rogala “Questions To Another Nation”; an award winning 1983 video work, recently presented at the National Museum in Wroclaw and in Poznan, and Krakow, Poland.

Transformed City: Kraków
Transformed City: Chicago Beach
The Great Wall of China
Transformed Garden: Sunflower

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