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Jolanta Caban
Jolanta Caban
Bogusław Lustyk (ur. /b.1940)
Eugeniusz Gerlach (ur./b. 1941)
Bogdan Lustyk (ur. /b. 1940)
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Christina Sophie Eichler


b. 1921


Christina Sophie Eichler architect and artist painter; born in Czestochowa (Poland), to Stefan Tomasz Eichler and Konstancja Skrzynecka. She graduated from high school in 1939. During World War II, Soviet authorities arrested her in 1941 and deported her to a forced labor camp in Siberia. When freed after the Sikorski-Maiski agreement she managed to leave the USRR with the Polish army of Gen. W. Anders, and was evacuated to Iran.
From 1943 to 1948 she studied architecture at the Academie Libanaise des Beaux Arts in Beirut (Lebanon) and after receiving her diploma in architecture she emigrated to Argentina, where she worked as an architect with D.Gambourg DPLG in Buenos Aires.
In 1961 she immigrated into California, USA, where she worked (1962-1980) at Robert E. Donald AIA in Beverly Hills as an architect - chief designer and since 1980 to 2000 she was a principal of her own architectural firm in Woodland Hills, California. She specialized in the construction of high-rises and large-scale residential developments. As an artist painter, she had various art exhibits in Los Angeles, New York and in Poland.
In 2003, she published her autobiography “Sladami Odysei” in Polish.

Autoportret /Self  portrait
Zima /The winter
Jezioro Wigry /Lake Wigry
Portret matki /Portrait of Mother

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