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Bogusław LUSTYK

Muzeum Mazowieckie w Płocku /Masovian Museum in Plock - 5 XII 2008 - 28 II 2009


One of the themes, the exhibition of Boguslaw Lustyk at the Masovian Museum in Plock is a horse. The artist is fascinated by horses, which made one of the main themes of his work. It has long been present in his work, there were already in the early posters, and then in graphics, painting. Critics point out that the horse is a theme in vogue in the Polish pre-war painting, and later somewhat forgotten, and Bogusław Lustyk re-introduced it to the visual arts, but in modern form. Other Horseback Riding, compare his work to the works of Degas. Lustyk sees the beauty and elegance they are horses, but above all, seek to express the energy and the element associated to animals. He is a painter of movement, particularly his view that reveals the beauty of the image pędzącego horse.
Lustyk fascination of movement and dynamics were also reflected in his work the other topic of dance. Hence, the decision probably an artist to show in Plock together in the museum is these two themes of his art.
His compositions are characterized by dynamism and expression, achieved daring brush strokes, lightness put spots of color, color intensive. In the works of painting, there are lessons learned from the poster - do with the details syntetyczność, plastic conciseness of language, logic and discipline poster, while the strength of expression.

D032699 120408 Lustyk Plock Sobieraj.jpg
D032702 120408 Lustyk Plock Sobieraj.jpg
D032704 120408 Lustyk Plock.jpg
D032705 120408 Lustyk Plock.jpg
D032708 120408 Lustyk Plock Sobieraj.jpg
D032709 120408 Lustyk Plock.jpg
D032711 120408 Lustyk Plock.jpg
D032714 120408 Lustyk Plock.jpg
D032718 120408 Lustyk Plock Sobieraj.jpg
D032719 120408 Lustyk Plock.jpg
D032730 120408 Lustyk Plock.jpg
D032732 120408 Lustyk Plock.jpg

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