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DESA Unicum Sp. z o.o.


DESA Unicum
ul. Marszałkowska 34/50
00-554 Warszawa
tel. (+48 22) 584 95 25 (sekretariat /secretariat)
fax (+48 22) 584 95 26

Galeria Marszałkowska/Marszałkowska Gallery
Galeria Nowy Świat/Nowy Świat Gallery
Galeria Biżuterii / Jewellry Gallery
Galeria Staromiejska / Old Town Gallery

DESA Unicum has existed since 1998, was created by combining "DESA Warsaw" with the house auction Unicum. The company includes four galleries and auction houses.

DESA Unicum organizes about eight auctions per year. In addition to offering fixed-nineteenth century painting is a large collection of twentieth century art and jewelry, furniture and other decorative trinkets. Collaborates with experts and experts in the field of valuation, consultancy, maintenance and renovation, transport.

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